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This design is also available in:

  • Any text you prefer

  • Orthodox Text

  • Reform Text

  • Hebrew and English

  • Hebrew only

  • English only

  • Foreign Languages

  • Etc...


This Ketubah is available in horizontal, vertical, and square layouts:

  • 24" x 18"             $795

  • 17" x 14"             $795

  • 14" x 11"             $795

  • 18" x 24"             $795

  • 14" x 17"             $795

  • 11" x 17"             $795

  • 20" x 20"             $795

  • 24" x 24"             $895

  • 30" x 30"             $895

  • Custom size       $945


Each Ketubah is custom designed for the client to your unique specifications. {These are custom-made, not "off-the-shelf" Ketubahs}


I create a personalized Ketubah for each client, incorporating the couple’s unique personalities, relationship and interests into the design. I ensure that the bride and grooms "feel" their Ketubah accurately and beautifully depicts their love, passions and dreams.


The Ketubahs featured here are examples of the range of customized possibilities, to serve as inspiration for your unique Art Fried creation.


Our Ketubahs are printed on museum quality acid-free archival fine art paper, with archival pigmented inks, using an ultra high-resolution Giclee inkjet printer.  It has a wonderful texture and brilliantly displays the vibrant colors and detail work on each Original-Custom-Art-Fried-Ketubah.

1826 - Vineyard Of Gold Ketubah


Please note:


I create “one-of-a-kind” personally designed Ketubahs.

All Ketubah’s are customized For You and Your Love!

I ensure this personalized piece of art will be the Ketubah Of Your Dreams.

A masterpiece that you will want to showcase in your home for years to come.

Remember, the difference with my Ketubahs is, even if you begin the process with a design from the website that catches your eye, I will work with you to personalize a design for your Ketubah which truly reflects your personal love story!


The first step in creating a Ketubah that reflects your personalities and unique love is to schedule a phone call so I can get to know you and ensure your customized Ketubah is the perfect reflection for your love story.

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