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“Your designs are just out-of-this world”


- Anita Shultis

​​“You are a true artist, Mr Fried.  You are not just creative, you're extraordinarily gifted. Take it from another artist”​

- Rivkie Stern

“Your Ketubahs are just Gawjess”​

- Phillys Seidenfeld

“Love, love, love our Ketubah. Can't wait to frame it and show it off in our living room.  It was a true pleasure working with you”​


- Shoshana and Samuel

“Awesome experience. Amazing work.  Incredible all around. 

You truly understood a gay couple from Texas.  Thanks a million”​


- Robert and Greg

“When I said, "We love good wine and shoes" We never believed that it can be pulled off as a Ketubah.  Your confidence actually shocked us when your response was "I love a challenge" I must say... you came through with more than flying colors”​


- Jessica and Gregory

“Wow, wow and wow. It was fun to work with you. A true artist you are indeed”​


- Melissa and Yaakov

We love our Ketubah. Art is an amazing artist. We gave him an idea we like and he came up with this. This is so us. Cant wait for everyone see it on July 13. Thank you again for an amazing Ketubah.


- Amy and Michael

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