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The Possibilities Are Endless


There are no limits. Whether you have a specific image

or type of image in mind, certain colors, a certain style,

or particular text; it is all possible.  

Ketubah Categories



Most of the Ketubahs displayed here are with Conservative/Lieberman clause - Aramaic with full English translation.

c-1819_Doves In The Sky Ketubah.jpg


The Ketubahs in this section are displayed in Reform text - Hebrew with English translation.

c-1894_Traditional Rose Wreath Ketubah.j


All Ketubahs on this page are displayed with Aramaic

text  (Nachlas Shiva).

How to Order


Choose & Confirm. Select your design and size, and pace your order.

I will send you an email within 48 hours. You will be asked to fill out the "Ordering Form" in detail and will arrange for a phone call which could take up to approximately 30 minutes.


Review. I will review all your information. I will also contact your Officiant to discuss text, signatures, etc.


Proof(s).  I’ll email you and your Officiant a proof of the text you requested and ask to approve it. After approval, I will begin creating the actual piece! Your Ketubah will be ready within 1 week after the text has been approved.


Approval & Delivery. I will have you approve the final design before printing.

Expect delivery within 5 days after approval.

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